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2024 TELP Combined Worship Trial Review Survey

We began a 12-month trial of a TELP combined service model on 26 May 2023.


It is now time to review that model and decide whether we want to continue.


The two main reasons for proposing the trial were that:


  • Existing TELP public worship arrangements were unsustainable; and

  • There was little scope for meaningful ministry growth.


Thus, the combined worship model has been aimed at providing a sustainable model for our public worship and a greater focus on ministry growth.


This survey is designed to gain your views on how successful the trial has been, against what we hoped to achieve.


The survey can be found at this link

We would love you to know what you think, so please complete as soon as possible as it will be live for only one week and closes Monday April 22nd.


Thank you.


Helen Taylor

Chairperson TELP


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