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Deepen your faith with us
Sunday Services

Sunday Service

Sunday is the first day of the week and regarded by many Christians as the Lord's Day. It is our principal day of communal worship and each Sunday we hold public worship services within either of our congregations. Our Parish also holds combined worship services throughout the year.  For information about when and where services are being held please refer to  our calendar.


You are warmly welcomed to attend our Sunday service and afterward share some informal fellowship and enjoy refreshments.

9:30 am Sundays at
St Andrew Lutheran Church
14 Trower Road, Millner



Baptism is an act of great significance in the Christian Faith journey. Through baptism, God joins his people to Jesus and his Saving Grace. They are brought into a threefold embrace with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We celebrate baptisms in our Sunday worship services throughout the year.


Baptism is for all people of Christian faith and all ages. Parents looking towards baptism for their child can read more about this process in our Baptising Children Brochure.

Baptism is also important for people who come to faith later in life. It publicly declares that you are a follower of Jesus Christ; in baptism you receive the gift of adoption into God’s family, and the assurance of his grace and mercy.

Please contact us regarding any questions and how we can support you on this journey.

Wedding ring


A Christian marriage is a covenant before God and is regarded differently from a contract. Marriage is a commitment of trust, fidelity and service to each other throughout your lives.


In preparation for one of life’s biggest moments whether you are planning a large celebration or just a quiet sharing of vows there are steps to take. Christian marriage preparation is a valuable start and takes commitment and time spread over several weeks. Couples are encouraged to do this work as it helps prepare the way for the rest of your married life.


Currently our Pastor is unable to provide marriage preparation due to commitments across several Top End congregations. Even so, we can offer assistance to a couple planning this life changing event. We can assist with helping you to arrange marriage preparation as well as provide facilities, including the use of our church for your wedding. 

Please contact us for more information regarding how we can support you at this exciting and important time.

Pastoral Care

Spiritual Care
& Services

Attending to your spiritual religious needs as you or someone you care for copes with illness, loss, grief or pain can help heal emotionally as well as physically, rebuild relationships and regain a sense of spiritual wellbeing. Spiritual care contributes to promoting health and providing support in all areas of challenge in your life.

Our pastoral care team can arrange home visits, communion, hospital and hospice visits and funeral services where needed.

Please contact us for more information.

Bible Study

Bible Study 

The Bible is God’s Word to us and studying it is a way to know God better. Through His words we come to know not only the nature and attributes of God, but we also come to understand His plan for each of us. Through study of God’s Word we also come to know God’s plan in history, His sovereignty, His providence, His love and more. What we can learn about God apart from the Bible is limited but with it we can know God even better.


You can join us as we discuss passages of the Bible, grow in faith and connect with each other. Some study groups meet at venues while others meet in the homes of our members. See our News & Events page for more information on how to join a group and our current topics. ​

Friendship Groups
Garden Party

Friendship Groups

We value good friendship as the cement of our church community and as Christians we are called to live in a community of fellow believers.

This could be spending time with each other, helping each other out and inviting others to join in.


You’re invited!

Groups might be about sharing a meal, learning a skill, playing music and singing, fun group activities like bowling or working together with others to provide a service for our community.

There is always something going on, the activities are varied,  fun and everyone is welcome.

 See our News & Events page for more information about up and coming activities and events.

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