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December 24, 25, 31.

What's Going On In Our Parish

TELP worship service each Sunday held at the St Andrew Church starting at 9.30am Sunday Mornings, see 'upcoming events' for more events and their times.


Bible Readings

24 December

(Fourth in Advent)

Sermon by Noel

Luke 1:26-38, 46-55;

Romans 16:25-27


Bible Readings

25 December

(Christmas Day)

Sermon by Noel

Isaiah 9:2-7;

Psalm 96;

John 1:1-14


Bible Readings

31 December

Sermon by Noel

Isaiah 61:10-62:3;

Luke 2:22-40;

Galatians 4:4-7



Let's Pray For...

* Every-one during this Christmas season, to be safe and happy.

* Our new Bishop Andrew Brook.

* Place your healing hands on our hearts and minds.

* Our congregation members; heal their emotional, mental, physical or spiritual pain/hurts.

* All those caught in areas of conflict.

* The decisions we need to make for a sustainable future.


24th November             Story of the Carols  (Discussion)                
Christmas is well known for its carols, but why do we actually sing Christmas Carols? Join Richard and Celia as they share some of their memories of Christmas. 

31st December A Ladder and Torch (Interview)                        
There are many tragic stories about the abuse of alcohol, but how does it start, and how can it change? Hear Darryl’s lifelong struggle with alcohol and how his life was transformed through hope.



Upcoming Events

Sunday December 24th- 9.30am Regular Christmas Eve Day worship service with Holy Communion; and lighting the fourth candle on the Advent Wreath; and the baptism of Levi Dixon, grandson of Howie and Angela Dixon and son of Ben and Stella Dixon.

Sunday December 24th- 6.30pm Christmas Eve service with Carols and readings

Sunday December 25th- 9.30am Christmas Day service with Holy Communion; and lighting all candles on the Advent Wreath

Sunday December 31st- 9.30am New Years Eve Day service with Holy Communion



General Correspondence


Positions Available: - Foundations for Life Treasurer, SALC Treasurer & SALC Secretary.

Position Available: Foundations for Life Treasurer

Foundations for Life Early Learning is looking for a competent person to join their team in the role of Treasurer. Are you interested in the welfare and care of young children and their families within our community? Joining the committee, you must be eligible for or have a working with children card and able to fulfill the role of Financial Oversight of the affairs of the Centre.

This role is highly supported as the accounts and record keeping are administered and audited by independent service providers. While experience in  accounts is highly desirable, with this support it is a great opportunity for someone with basic skills to learn and gain confidence in the role.

Our monthly board meetings are held every fourth Wednesday of the month at 5.00 pm from February to November.

The centre is a wonderful opportunity for outreach into our community and our management team are a dynamic group who are doing good work with the Centre Management and Staff to bless and love people into the kingdom. If you feel you are being called to assist in this way, please talk to Blaise , Brigitte or Helen Graetz about it.


Position Available: SALC TREASURER

St Andrew is looking for a competent person to join their Church Council in the role of Treasurer from May 2024. This role requires someone who can fulfill the role of Financial Oversight of Church affairs.

The accounts and record keeping are administered and audited by independent service providers so as this role is highly supported its suited to someone with accounts experience and is a great opportunity for someone with basic skills to learn and gain confidence in the role.

Our monthly meetings are held every fourth Wednesday of the month at 7.00 pm from February to November.  The Church Council is a dynamic team who are doing good work for the congregation which includes oversight of the Foundations Childcare Centre. Please consider, is this something you can do to contribute to the development of the church in this time. Are you being called to assist in this way? If so, please speak with Robert, Elaine or Blaise about it.


Position available immediately: SALC SECRETARY

Our Anne will be returning to her family in Adelaide in the new year, so St Andrew Church Council urgently needs a replacement Secretary to join our amazing team!

The secretary position includes doing fun things like minute taking, sorting mail, sending out notices and generally having input into the planning and running of the business behind Sunday. This role comes with a laptop, internet and access to a printer. On the job training is available too so this role is a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain confidence.

Taking up this role means you get to hang out with the other council members at our monthly meetings held every fourth Wednesday of the month at 7.00 pm from February to November.

We are trusting in God and know there is someone out there being called to fill this role.  Is it you? If it is, please speak to Anne, Helen G or Blaise about it without delay.


Christmas Giving: - What can you give this Christmas.

Christmas Giving

Each year as a Christian Community we look for ways to bless and provide gifts and services out of our abundance for members of our community.

LCA has its Gifts of Grace program and brochures are at the back of the Church. Please consider a chicken or pig etc in your family stocking. This is an international initiative.

However for this years local giving initiative we are joining with Foundations for Life Early Learning parents to support a Women’s shelter in the Milner area. We have been advised that over Christmas the shelter can expect to have an average 20 women and 16 children under their protection and care. The shelter is pleased to accept assistance.

So to Bless them this year we are preparing bags of items to make their Christmas a little special and invite you all to contribute where you can. They ask if we can provide items before the 18th of December. A basket will be placed at the back of the church to collect any donations you can make. Items could include:

For the women: A sturdy bag, good condition hand bag, brush, comb, hair ties, clips, soap, flannel or hand towel, tooth brushes and paste, hand cream or face cream, chocolate or treats, personal water bottle, vouchers, t shirt, personal lady items  anything else you think they might like and would fit into a bag.

For the children: A back pack or similar sturdy bag some toothpaste and brush, Flannel, Small towel, Brush/comb, soap tube of hand cream, food treats, lollies that don’t melt, toys, hats, book, colouring pencils and drawing books and journals pens, t shirts, personal water bottles etc and anything else you think they might like and would fit into a bag/ back pack.

Breakfast people.

In addition Helen is always pleased to receive additional items for the breakfast people and this is ongoing throughout the year.

For example items like: Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Flannel, Small towel, Brush/comb, soap, food, toilet paper, sturdy reusable bags

Items to be selected separately:

Thongs sizes average 7, 9, and kids 

Underwear in average sizes


Lay Preaching Course Opportunities:-

The TELP budget has funding available to subsidies up to five people to undertake the LCA’s Lay Preaching Course through Australian Lutheran College for 2024. As you’ll be aware, Noel has been working with a small group developing skills and learning in this area. This course does not replace that but works alongside it.

Further details can be found here: LCANZ LCA Lay Preacher Training enrolment | Professional development | Australian Lutheran College ( It is online. It is flexible. It is open to both men and women. You will be supported by Noel locally, and the College at a distance.

Please let Noel know if you are interested.



Lutheran Media

Facebook Groups:

Worship Online & DVDs

To access online, DVD & CD worship services:


Contact & Banking Information

For all other contact information for all services within the Top End Lutheran Church, click the button below to be taken to the website contact page.

​St Andrew

Good Shepherd

​BSB: 704 942

ACC: 100106021

​BSB: 704 942

ACC: 100391745


A Safe Place For All...

​A Safe Place The LCA has a strong policy on the prevention of Sexual Abuse. As part of this policy a free call number is available. This service is completely confidential, and advisors are trained to deal sensitively with those who seek assistance or information. Free call: 1800 644 628 Write: The Supervisor, PO Box 519, MARDEN SA 5070


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