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February 18

What's Going On In Our Parish

TELP worship service each Sunday held at the St Andrew Church starting at 9.30am


Bible Readings for this week

February 18 —Bible readings

First Sunday in Lent

Live Streaming—St Petri

Genesis 9:8-17   

Psalm 25:1-10   

1 Peter 3:18-22   

Mark 1:9-15 


18 Feburary                                          Fighting Fires                                                        (Interview)

Bushfires can be devastating. Even when you’re well prepared, they have a way of surprising you! Hear stories of what it’s like to survive a catastrophic bushfire. How do those on the fire-ground make sense of a natural disaster like a bushfire?



Upcoming Events

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Lutheran Media

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Worship Online & DVDs

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Let's Pray For...

* Our new Bishop Andrew Brook

* Place your healing hands on our minds and our hearts.

* Our congregation members; heal their secret suffering, heal their emotional, mental, physical or spiritual pain/hurts.

* All those caught in areas of conflict.

* Our local and federal government.

* The decisions we need to make towards a sustainable future.


Contact & Banking Information

For all other contact information for all services within the Top End Lutheran Church, click the button below to be taken to the website contact page.

Top End Lutheran Parish

​St Andrew

Good Shepherd

​BSB: 704 942

ACC: 100284027

​BSB: 704 942

ACC: 100106021

​BSB: 704 942

ACC: 100391745


A Safe Place For All...

​A Safe Place The LCA has a strong policy on the prevention of Sexual Abuse. As part of this policy a free call number is available. This service is completely confidential, and advisors are trained to deal sensitively with those who seek assistance or information. Free call: 1800 644 628 Write: The Supervisor, PO Box 519, MARDEN SA 5070


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