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May 5th Sixth Sunday of Easter

What's Going On In Our Parish

TELP worship service each Sunday held at the St Andrew Church starting at 9.30am


Bible Readings for this week

May 05 — Bible readings

Acts 10:44-48

Psalm 98

1 John 5:1-6

John 15:9-17




May 05                                        Special Parenting                                              (Interview)

Have you ever doubted yourself as a parent and had to face feelings of guilt and regret at not being good enough? Hear Kirra’s story about some of the challenges she’s faced as a parent raising a son with Aspergers. 



Upcoming Events

Click on the below to see more information and register your interest.

Bishop Andrew Visiting the Top End

Our new Bishop Andrew is coming north to meet us and give us the latest information about our LCA. He will be here from Friday 10th May – Sunday 12th May. He has already locked in a number of meetings with Nungalinya College staff and functions, as well as with the Catholic Bishop Gaucci, Anglican Bishop Anderson and Uniting Moderator Rev Tony Goodluck and Matt at the College. He will be preaching on Sunday and after a quick cuppa, will have a chat with all those who would like to stay behind and listen to him. We will be locking in some other meetings with him as well. More details once all is locked in.”



Call Committee

Our Call Committee is now in a time of seeking and gathering information from a wide number of sources for a number of possible scenarios that may/could arise from this confirmed data. Once received it will be collated and used to form recommendations to take and discuss with the TELP membership.

Initially each congregation has been asked to review their financial capacity to support a full-time pastor. Each congregation has been asked to discuss this at their upcoming AGMs. Once these responses have been received, further discussions can be had.



Special Notice from the ALWS



Lutheran Media

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Worship Online & DVDs

To access online, DVD & CD worship services:


Let's Pray For...

* Bishop Andrew Brook

* Place your healing hands on our minds and our hearts.

* Our congregation members; heal their secret suffering, heal their emotional, mental, physical or spiritual pain/hurts.

* All those caught in areas of conflict.

* Our local and federal government.

* The decisions we need to make towards a sustainable future.


Contact & Banking Information

For all other contact information for all services within the Top End Lutheran Church, click the button below to be taken to the website contact page.

Top End Lutheran Parish

​St Andrew

Good Shepherd

​BSB: 704 942

ACC: 100284027

​BSB: 704 942

ACC: 100106021

​BSB: 704 942

ACC: 100391745


A Safe Place For All...

​A Safe Place The LCA has a strong policy on the prevention of Sexual Abuse. As part of this policy a free call number is available. This service is completely confidential, and advisors are trained to deal sensitively with those who seek assistance or information. Free call: 1800 644 628 Write: The Supervisor, PO Box 519, MARDEN SA 5070


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